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Molecular Shapes Part I


2. The model on the right is methane (CH4), all bond lengths and strengths are the same.  What is this shape called?    
3. What are the bond angles in this molecule? O  
4. Give the name AND formula of another molecule with this shape.   
5.The molecule on the right is ammonia.  This is a smelly weak alkali that is used to clean toilets.  What is it's shape?
6. The angle here is 107O, smaller than the angle in the molecule above.  What is pushing these hydrogen atoms closer together?   
7.  The molecule on the left is water, its bond angle is 105O.  What is this shaped called.  Check all that apply.

Cat's Leg
Dog's Leg
Thornley's Leg

8. What other molecule has this shape?    
9. The angle is less than before since there are now 2 lone pairs of electrons so the repulsion is on the bonded electrons.  
10. Name the shape of the BH3 molecule.
11. Why is BH3 wierd? Check all that apply.

BH3 has a stable octet
BH3 has a stable hextet
BH3 has a stable duet
B in BH3 is not isoelectronic with a gas
B in BH3 is not isoelectronic with a noble gas

12. What is the bond angle in degrees? O  
13. Carbon dioxide is a linear molecule. True False  
14. Any diatomic (2 atoms) molecule must be linear. True False  
15. Silane is linear. True False   (google it!)