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Ionic Online Homework

Answer the questions and press submit to send the answers to my email.  Only your first set of answers will count!

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1)  How many electrons does phosphorous need to become stable?

2)  All ionic compounds conduct when

3)  What group produces ions with a charge of -1?

4)  In the compound potassium oxide, the simplest ratio between potassium and oxide ions is:

5)  The electronic structure of the selenide ion is the same as:

6)  Choose the formula of titanium oxide:

7)  Ionic crystals are (select all that apply):

Regular Structures
Irregular Structures

8)  Which rule does Beryllium follow when forming ions?

9)  What group produces ions with a charge of +2?

10)  Almost all ionic compounds are

11)  What is the name for Ag2S?

12)  What is the bromide ion isoelectronic with?

13)  Krypton does not form ionic bonds because